Outside Institute

The Outside Institute’s core belief is that “not knowing” is a healthy precondition for discovery and that making is a physical process that involves drawing and working directly with materials.

Our workshops function as a laboratory for experimentation to explore the design process without fear of producing results that have no immediate practical application.Students are encouraged to expand their frames of reference and to identify intersections between design, art, architecture, science, music, dance, biology, linguistics, and philosophy.

This visual thinking will be accomplished by providing participants with exercises on how to “see” visually rather than “recognize” and by reinforcing the unique symbiotic relationship between creativity and being human. Learning how to “see” establishes a new awareness that builds self-confidence and enables participants to evaluate their work with more objective criteria than like and dislike; becoming creators rather than consumers.

Faculty and students alike enter this experience in a symbiotic relationship of collaboration, without preconceived ideas for results but with a common curiosity and willingness to enjoy the search.

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