Book Wall


Designed by architect Carles Vallhonrat, these unique book shelves were created as a wall, specifically for this space. The concept of the angles allows books to remain tightly stacked without the aid of bookends. The center space has a dimmer light above and a flat surface that enables a book to be read without leaving the space.

3 Responses to “Book Wall”

  1. Roman Jaster says:

    This is great!!

  2. Howard Belk says:

    Wow, I like the thinking here — disorganized organization. What a crazy feeling this installation generates. I think I’d stagger every time I focused on it (or tried to).

  3. I love this book wall because it defies what a bookcase “should look like”. The final form and structure were in no way designed for the purpose of gaining attention. Rather than imposing a preconceived concept, the design evolved from and expanded on a core of inherent requirements. We don’t stagger in front of it at all. Our entire living room as been energized and transformed by its presence. Thanks for the comment Howard. Much appreciated.

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